Top 10 Discoveries of 2023

March 20, 2024

Biblical Archaeology Unveiled: Top 10 Discoveries of 2023

In 2023, several significant discoveries in biblical archaeology garnered attention, ranging from ancient DNA findings to evidence of ancient warfare. These discoveries shed light on various aspects of biblical history and offer new insights into the lives and civilizations of ancient peoples. 

Here are the top 10 discoveries of 2023:

  1. Jerusalem's Mysterious Moat: Discovery of a moat dating to the ninth century in Jerusalem, changing previous understandings of the city's ancient landscape and defensive structures.
  2. Identifying Bethsaida on the Galilee Shore: Excavations near the Sea of Galilee suggesting the true site of Bethsaida, with findings including a mosaic inscription referencing Peter.
  3. Mud Brick Arch Mystery at Tel Shimron: Discovery of a well-preserved mud brick arch at a Canaanite city, its purpose still unknown.
  4. David and Solomon Regain Stature: Archaeological evidence supporting the existence and significance of David and Solomon as Israelite kings.
  5. Psalm 86 Found Atop a Desert Mountain: Discovery of a sixth-century inscription quoting Psalm 86 atop a desert mountain fortress.
  6. The Disappointment of Siloam: Lack of significant findings despite hopes of uncovering more at the Pool of Siloam excavation site.
  7. The Leveling of Antioch: Devastation caused by an earthquake in Antakya, disrupting archaeological work and destroying ancient monuments.
  8. Earliest Evidence of Ancient Warfare: Discovery of sling stones dating back to the Early Chalcolithic period, indicating organized preparation for battle.
  9. Ancient Israelite DNA: Recovery of ancient Israelite DNA from the First Temple period, providing insights into the origins of ancient Israelites.
  10. Lost Graves in Gaza: Discovery of Roman-era graves in Gaza, offering insights into the lives of inhabitants along the coastal trade route 2,000 years ago.

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