December 11, 2022

Family Day at SHARE

SHARE Management invited all SHARE’s PI’s, Researchers, students, staff spouses and children to a Family Day, on Sunday, 11 December 2022.

After having a short safety briefing, the guests visited SHARE’s Laboratories, and were introduced to SHARE’s current programmes, MILD (Modelling liver inflammatory disease) and SGSR (Soft Robotics for Smart Grippers).

They then dressed as researchers, (with lab coats and protective glasses), and had the opportunity to practice the daily life of scientists and participate with the guidance of MLIDPI. Dr.Ilona Darlyuk-Saadon, in a laboratory experiment at MLID Lab.

They practiced paper chromatography, dry ice sublimation, uses of liquid nitrogen and saw cultured skeletal muscle and liver cells, under the microscope.

The gathering ended in a pizza party at SHARE HQ.

MLID PI, Dr. Ilona Darlyuk-Saadon, explaining about liquid nitrogen.

SHARE’s Director, Prof. Shlomo Sasson, demonstrating to the kids the quality of dry ice.

MLID PI, Dr. Ilona Darlyuk-Saadon, showing the work with tissue cultures in a laminar flow hood.

Practicing paper chromatography.

Pizza Party.