February 2, 2024

FST Seminar- Professor Shlomo Yitzchaik and Professor Assaf Friedler were invited as speakers in NUS

FST Seminar Recap: Breakthroughs in Biosensing and Protein-Protein Interactions

In a recent FST Seminar, Professor Shlomo Yitzchaik and Professor Assaf Friedler from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem shared groundbreaking insights into neuraminidase biosensing and protein-protein interactions.

Neuraminidase Biosensing:

Professor Shlomo Yitzchaik's presentation delved into the intricacies of neuraminidase biosensing, shedding light on the recognition and hydrolysis of sialic acid. His team introduced a label-free electrochemical method, utilizing synthetic sialylated glycans, showcasing selective neuraminidase biosensing. The evaluation of organism-dependent selectivity-sensitivity relationships marked a significant advancement.

Protein-Protein Interaction Studies:

Professor Assaf Friedler explored the world of Protein-Protein Interactions (PPI) using peptides. His talk highlighted innovative methods in synthesizing peptides, studying liquid-liquid phase separation, and inhibiting protein aggregation. These insights offer promising avenues for therapeutic modulation of PPI.

The seminar provided attendees with a unique opportunity to grasp the latest advancements in biosensing and protein-protein interactions, showcasing the collaborative efforts of leading minds in the field. Although the event has concluded, the knowledge shared by Professors Yitzchaik and Friedler continues to resonate, contributing to the ongoing progress in these critical scientific domains. Stay tuned for more updates on future events and breakthroughs in the fascinating world of bioengineering and molecular recognition.

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