April 4, 2024

Israel Prize 2024 - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem proudly celebrates three esteemed faculty members awarded the Israel Prize for their outstanding contributions. 

  • Prof. Hagai Bergman's - Winner of the Israel Prize in Life Sciences . His pioneering work in neuroscientific research, particularly in Parkinson's disease treatment through deep brain stimulation, has revolutionised medical approaches. He was also  awarded the Rappaport Prize for Senior Israeli Researcher.
  • Prof. Gershon Ben-Shakhar - Winner of the Israel Prize in Psychology Research. Hisresearch on cognitive psychophysiology, particularly regarding the inadmissibility of polygraph test results, highlights his significant impact on legal proceedings. 
  • Prof. Ya’acov Ritov - Winner of the Israel Prize in Statistics Research. His expertise in statistical theory, focusing on high-dimensional models and data science, has shaped modern statistics and earned him prestigious accolades. 

These scholars exemplify the university's commitment to academic excellence and societal advancement. Their achievements underscore the profound impact of Hebrew University faculty in driving innovation and addressing critical challenges in their respective fields.

Read more: https://international.huji.ac.il/news/mar-29-three-israel-prize-recipients-among-hujis-faculty?fbclid=IwAR1B5asUB-jVQR-vOJw50AonigaFkq7JEXkzhJf9OlF5Th-Z-nNsTGNt6Gg_aem_AUG9_h4bT5cIlDdm_0fkqFEt2km5RheWEcmrP0np-XY3BTMBDV5d8EZlKXENYU9LMNB1xmEqpzCM_kceXxZNH2Xh