Prof Ze’ev Paroush
Prof Ze’ev Paroush

January 17, 2020

SHARE special Guest Speaker Seminar

SHARE’s special Guest Speaker Seminar by Prof Ze’ev Paroush from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, was held on the 17 Dec 2019, at SHARE.

Prof Ze’ev Paroush focuses on Developmental Biology and Cancer Research.

Prof Ze’ev Paroush title: “A novel role for the Groucho co-repressor in cell cycle regulation”.

Abstract: “ Excessive cell proliferation often drives tumour formation and   aggressiveness, and is one of the major hallmarks of cancer. Accordingly,   great efforts are dedicated towards revealing novel tiers of regulation and   therapeutic approaches that would suppress uncontrolled cell divisions. In my   talk, I will present a novel regulatory function for the Drosophila   Groucho corepressor in the cell cycle. In particular, I will show that   Groucho mediates repression of specific target genes at S-phase, and that   subsequent down-regulation of this activity is crucial for the S-to-G2-phase   transition. Thus, our findings reveal a previously unappreciated level of   transcriptional control that is essential for normal cell cycle progression’’.