December 10, 2021

We are very pleased to extend our warmest congratulations to Professor Chen Xiaodong for receiving the President’s Science Award 2021.

This prestigious award was presented to Professor Chen: “for his outstanding contribution to advanced materialsresearch for soft bioelectronics capable of digitising biological senses andextending human sensing capabilities, and their application to advancedmanufacturing and healthcare wearables”

Over the last 12 years, Professor Chen’s cutting-edgeinterdisciplinary research has advanced the frontiers of materials science andflexible electronics, creating the potential to disrupt advanced manufacturing,smart wearables, and digital healthcare. He has created a wide range of softcomposite materials for flexible electrodes, which conform and adhere to humanskin and animal tissues, and are also easily scalable. Through his endeavours,Professor Chen pioneered an emerging field called mechanomaterials byestablishing a method that proactively programmed materials’ functionalities byleveraging the force-geometry-property relationships. He builds bioelectronic interfacesthat convert biological signals into electrical outputs by applying suchfunctional materials.