Seed Grant 06


Seed Grant 06

The p38α MAP kinase as a causative agent of ageing-related lung diseases.

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INTRA-CREATE SEED COLLABORATION GRANT CALL 06 is between SHARE and NUS. The share-nus Team, is under Dr. Ilona Darlyuk-Saadon (SHARE) and Dr. Hataitip Tasena (NUS).

Ageing-associated lung diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) and asthma, contribute significantly to socioeconomic burdens in Singapore. Also, late onset asthma is prominent in Singapore. The molecular events underlying these diseases are currently unknown, hindering therapeutic efforts. This grant aims to reveal the key molecular mechanism that underlies accelerated lung ageing, the common driver for these diseases. The findings could lead to the development of novel strategies that will help to prevent Singaporeans from developing lung pathology at an early age, allowing them to continue their active contribution to Singapore society during their silver age.  

The grant aims to establish unique animal models, in which the MAPK - p38 can be activated individually in the lung or in the whole body, to activate p38 in the animal model and monitor the appearance of ageing lung hallmarks and to reveal the aetiology of lung disease development from the onset, i.e., p38 activation, to appearance of symptoms.

The impact of this grant stands to provide an entirely novel view on the onset and aetiology of ageing-related fatal lung diseases. Pointing at a single molecule, p38α, as a critical causing agent. Also, there is currently no animal model in which these diseases could be specifically triggered by genetic means. Thus, we predict a significant progress in prevention and treatment of ageing-related lung diseases and an important impact on the research community, which will use our newly developed model.

This grant stems from the MMID2 programme and fulfils the important mission of CREATE to promote “Healthy Ageing” in Singapore. It will also open up more opportunities for new research at CREATE, in collaboration with NUS.