David Engelbeg


Principal Investigator

Professor Department of Biological Chemistry. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Prof David Engelberg was a Principal Investigator at MMID2 programme and is the Principal Investigator at MLID at SHARE. He holds a position of Professor of biochemistry at the Department of Biological Chemistry at the Alexander Silberman Institute of Life Science, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.

Prof. Engelberg joined the Dept. of Biological Chemistry of the HUJ in1995 and has been studying the mechanism of action, the biology and pathology of the MAP kinases p38s and ERKs, which are considered central mediators of inflammation and cancer, respectively. His research group was the first to isolate intrinsically active variants of these enzymes. The active variants are becoming powerful tools for investigating structure-function relationships of MAPK enzymes, as well as inflammation and cancer. They also serve as a central element in the current study.