Dr. Long studied at Cambridge University, United Kingdom and her research area is to develop different nanostructured functional thin films.  She has successfully implemented technology transfer from lab to industry for hard disk company and car grooming company. Her recent focus is to develop energy saving coatings and other functional nanostructures.

Current Research Interests

Dr. Long Yi has more than 10 years’ experience with solid thin films since her Ph.D training. She is developing 2D structures by nanostructuring manipulation, eg. superlattice, controlled porosity, hybrid structure, biomimetic surface fabrication and etc, to give materials with a greater range of properties than is usually obtained.

She has a general interest in understanding the microstructure and property relationship and how these relate to the underlying mechanism aided by simulations.

She is also working closely with industry partner to develop new technology.

Project: A New Generation of Thermochromic Materials with Ultra-high Luminance Transmission and Solar Modulation

Air conditioning is a major contributor to energy consumption in developed countries. Smart windows are efficient means to regulate temperature through adaptive response to weather conditions. Compared with photochromic and electrochromic materials, thermochromic materials are the most economical smart materials without extra energy input. We aim to develop high performance thermochromic material with ultra large luminance transmission (60%) and solar modulation (>30%).

Selected Publications

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