Maoz Fine



Principal Investigator


Dr. Maoz Fine is a Professor with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

He graduated and received his bachelor’s degree in Biology from the Tel Aviv University.

He obtained his MSc in Marine Biology and PhD in Marine Biology, from the Tel Aviv University.

His research focuses on understanding coral reef biology in a changing environment. His work aims to answer important questions such as how will coral reef ecosystems change following a shift in the environmental conditions in which they developed as projected by climate change trajectories, and how interactions between acute and chronic disturbances influence the integrity of our planet's richest marine environment.

He has vast experience in running in-situ as well as lab-based experiments to examine coral physiology and ecology under climate change conditions. His work resulted in several seminal papers documenting coral and reef-scale responses to climate change environments.

He is a lead-PI in the Intra-CREATE seed grant 04.