Matan Gavish


Programme Leader

Associate Prof, School of Computer Science and Engineering, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

Prof Matan Gavish is a Programme Leader at ISURF at SHARE. He holds a position of Associate Professor at the School of Computer Science and Engineering in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Rehovot, Israel.


 Prof Matan Gavish graduated and received his bachelor’s degree in Science, Mathematics and Physics, from the Tel Aviv University (2006). He was awarded the Master of Science, Mathematics, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2008),and awarded for his Doctor of Philosophy, Statistics, at Stanford University, USA (2014).


Prof Matan Gavish research interests are High-dimensional statistics, data science, harmonic analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, digital health, applied random matrix theory, manifold learning, signal processing, compressed sensing, cyber security of industrial control systems, AI-based computational agriculture.