Current Research Interests

Materials: Optical Materials, Liquid Crystals, Semiconductors, and Amorphous Materials.

Optics and Photonics: Optical systems, optics of anisotropic media, photonic crystals, lasers, optical fibers, wave-guides, optical interactions in materials, acousto-optics, sensors.

Optical Metrology Techniques: ellipsometry, interferometry, microscopy, spectroscopy.

Interest in newly emerging fields: Biomedical optics and nano-technology.

Selected Publications

Avner Safrani and I. Abdulhalim, Ultra High Resolution Full Field Optical Coherence Tomography Using Spatial Coherence Gating and Quasi Monochromatic Illumination, Opt. Lett. 37, 458 (2012).

Atef Shalabney and I. Abdulhalim, Figure of merit enhancement of surface plasmon resonance sensors in the spectral interrogation, Optics Letters 37, 1175 (2012).

Sabine Szunerits, Atef Shalabney, Rabah Boukherroub and I. Abdulhalim, Dielectric coated plasmonic interfaces: their interest for sensitive sensing of analyte-ligand interactions, Anal.Chem. 31, 15-28 (2012). Invited Review Article.

I. Abdulhalim, Liquid crystal active nanophotonics and plasmonics: from science to devices, J. Nano Photonics, 6, 061001-19p (2012).  Invited Commemorative Paper.

Alina Karabchevsky, Chinmay Khare, Bernd Rauschenbach, and I. Abdulhalim, Microspot biosensing based on surface enhanced fluorescence from Nano-STFs, J. NanoPhotonics 6, 061508-1, 12pp (2012).

Atef Shalabney, C. Khare, Jens Bauer, B. Rauschenbach, and I. Abdulhalim, Detailed study of Surface enhanced Raman scattering from metallic nano sculptured thin films and their potential for biosensing, J. Nanophoton. 6 (1), 061605 (2012).

I. Abdulhalim, M. Gelbaor Kirzhner, Yu. Kurioz, M. Klebanov, V. Lyubin, Yu. Reznikov, N. Sheremet, K. Slyusarenko, Integration of chalcogenide glassy films and liquid crystals for photoalignment and optically addressed modulators, Physica Status Solidi, 249, 2040-46 (2012). DOI: 10.1002/pssb.201200366

I. Abdulhalim, Highly promising electrooptic material: distorted helix ferroelectric liquid crystal with a specific tilt angle, Appl.Phys.Lett., 101, 141903 (5pp) (2012).

I. Abdulhalim, Spatial and temporal coherence effects in interference microscopy and full-field optical coherence tomography, Ann. Der Physik, 524, 787-804 (2012). DOI 10.1002/andp.201200106, Invited Review Article.

Atef Shalabney and I. Abdulhalim, Prism dispersion effects in near-guided-wave surface plasmon resonance sensors, Ann. Der Physik, 524, 680-686 (2012). DOI 10.1002/andp.201200138.

Jenny Sokolovsky, Yitzhak Yitzhaky and I. Abdulhalim, Analysis of Optical Coherence Tomography Interferograms of Multi-Layered Biological Samples, Appl. Opt., 51, 8390-8400 (2012).

M. Klebanov, V. Lyubin, M. Gelbaor Kirzhner, and I. Abdulhalim, Photoinduced scalar and vectorial optical phenomena in nano-dimensional glassy chalcogenide films and their liquid crystal photoalignment, J. Appl. Phys. 113, 033503-6p (2013); Doi: 10.1063/1.4775801

Alina Karabchevsky, Lev Tsapovsky, Robert S.  Marks,  I. Abdulhalim, Study of immobilization procedure on silver nanolayers and detection of estrone with diverged beam SPR imaging, Biosensors 3, 157-170 (2013). Doi:10.3390/bios3010157

Hadar Reisman, Drew P. Pulsifer, Raúl J. Martín-Palma, Akhlesh Lakhtakia, Roman Dabrowski, and Ibrahim Abdulhalim, On alignment of nematic liquid crystals in chiral sculptured thin films, J. Nano Photonics 7, 073591 (2013).

Lior Graham, Yitzhak Yitzhaky and I. Abdulhalim, Classification of skin moles from optical spectro-polarimetric images, J. Biomed. Optics 18, 111403 (2013).

Iftach Klapp, Asi Solodar, I. Abdulhalim, Tunable extended depth of field using a liquid crystal annular spatial filter, Optics Letters 39, 1414 (2014).

Miri Gelbaor Kirzhner, Matvey Klebanov, Victor Lyubin, Neil Collings, and I. Abdulhalim, High resolution optically addressed spatial light modulator based on nematic liquid crystal and nano-dimensional chalcogenide glass photosensor, Optics Letters 39, 2048 (2014).

Marwan J. Abu Leil, I. Abdulhalim, Birefringence measurement using rotating analyzer approach and quadrature cross points, Applied Optics 53, 2097-104 (2014).

Asi Solodar, Iftach Klapp, I. Abdulhalim, Annular Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulator for Beam Shaping and Extended Depth of Focus, Optics Communications 23, 167-173 (2014).

Sivan Isaacs, Frank Placido, and I. Abdulhalim, Polarization independent liquid crystal Fabry-Perot tunable filter, Optical Engineering 53, 047101 (2014).

Sachin K. Srivastava, Atef Shalabney, I. Khalailah, Christoph Grüner, B. Rauschenbach, and I. Abdulhalim, SERS Biosensor using Metallic nanoSculptured Thin Films for the Detection of Endocrine Disrupting Compound Biomarker Vitellogenin, Small 10, 3579-3587 (2014). DOI: 10.1002/smll.201303218

I. Abdulhalim, Plasmonic Sensing using Metallic Nano-Sculptured Thin Films, Small 10, 3499-3514 (2014). DOI: 10.1002/smll.201303181, Invited review article

Iftach Klapp, Asi Solodar, I. Abdulhalim, Variable Extended Depth of Field using Liquid Crystal Annular Spatial Light Modulator, Applied Optics 53, 4301-12 (2014). (One of its figures selected for the cover page!)

Sivan Isaacs, Frank Placido, and I. Abdulhalim, Investigation of Liquid Crystal Fabry Perot Tunable Filters: Design, Fabrication and Polarization Independence, Applied Optics 53, H91-H101 (2014).

Avner Safrani and I. Abdulhalim, Real Time, Phase Shift, Interference Microscopy, Optics Letters 39, 5220-23 (2014).

Marwan J. Abu Leil, I. Abdulhalim, Tunable achromatic liquid crystal waveplates, Optics Letter 39, 5487-90 (2014).

Tsofnat Ganigar, Tatipamula Arun Kumar, Matvey Klebanov, Neta Arad-Vosk, Rotem Beach, Amir Sa’ar, Ibrahim Abdulhalim, Gabby Sarusi and Yuval Golan, Chemically Deposited PbS Thin Film Photo-Conducting Layers for Optically Addressed Spatial Light Modulators, J. Mater. Chem. C, 2, 9132-40 (2014).

Chang Liu, Igal Balin, Shlomo Magdassi, Ibrahim Abdulhalim, and Yi Long, Vanadium dioxide nanogrid films for high transparency smart architectural window applications, Optics Express 23, A124-132 (2015).

Sachin K. Srivastava, Hilla Ben Hamo, Ariel Kushmaro, Robert S. Marks, Christoph Gruner, Bernd Rauschenbach and Ibrahim Abdulhalim, Highly sensitive detection of E-Coli by a SERS nanobiosensor chip utilizing metallic nanosculptured thin films, Analyst, 140, 3201-3209 (2015), DOI: 10.1039/C5AN00209E.

Sachin K. Srivastava and Ibrahim Abdulhalim, Self –referenced sensor utilizing extra-ordinary optical transmission from nanoslits array, Opt. Lett. 40, 2425-28 (2015).

Sivan Isaacs and Ibrahim Abdulhalim, Long range surface plasmon resonance with ultrahigh penetration depth for self-referenced sensing and ultralow detection limit using diverging beam approach, Appl.Phys.Lett. 106, 193701-4 (2015).

Avner Safrani and Ibrahim Abdulhalim, Full field parallel interferometry coherence probe microscope for high speed optical metrology, Appl. Opt. 54, 5083-87 (2015). Top 10 downloaded paper!

Sachin K. Srivastava, Roli Verma, Banshi D. Gupta, Isam Khalaila and Ibrahim Abdulhalim, SPR based fiber optic sensor for the detection of vitellogenin: an endocrine disruption biomarker in aquatic environments, Biosens J 4:1. 1000114, (2015). Link

Sachin K. Srivastava and Ibrahim Abdulhalim, Spectral interrogation based SPR sensor for blood glucose detection with improved sensitivity and stability, J Biosens Bioelectron 6:2, 1000172 (2015). Link

Anran Li, Sivan Isaacs, Ibrahim Abdulhalim, Shuzhou Li, Ultrahigh Enhancement of electromagnetic Fields by Exciting Localized with Extended Surface Plasmons, J. Phys. Chem. C 119, 19382-9 (2015).  DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.5b05830. Also in Arxiv:1507.00311 [Physics.Optics].

Ibrahim Watad, Mohamad A. Jabalee, Amir Aizen and Ibrahim Abdulhalim, Critical angle based sensor with improved figure of merit using dip detection, Optics Letters, 40, 4388-91 (2015).

Avner Safrani and Ibrahim Abdulhalim, High speed 3D imaging using two wavelengths parallel phase shift interferometry, Optics Letters 40, 4651-4 (2015).

Mohammad Abutoama and Ibrahim Abdulhalim, Self-referenced Biosensor based on Thin Dielectric Grating Combined with Thin Metal Film, Optics Express 23, 28667-82 (2015).

Ashok Chaudhary, Matvey Klebanov and Ibrahim Abdulhalim, PbS nanoSculptured Thin Film for Phase Retarder, Anti-Reflective, Excellent Absorber, Polarizer and Sensor Applications, Nanotechnology 26, 465703 (11p) (2015).

Michael Ney and I. Abdulhalim, Ultrahigh polarimetric image contrast enhancement for skin cancer diagnosis using InN plasmonic nanoparticles in the THz range, J. Biomed. Optics 20, 125007(14p) (2015).

Asi Solodar, Tatipamula Arun Kumar, Gabby Sarusi, and Ibrahim Abdulhalim, Infrared to Visible Image up-conversion using Optically Addressed Spatial Light Modulator utilizing Liquid Crystal and InGaAs Photodiodes, Appl. Phys. Lett. 108, 021103-6p (2016).

Yitzhak August, Yaniv Oiknine, Marwan AbuLeil, Ibrahim Abdulhalim, and Adrian Stern, Miniature Compressive Ultra-spectral Imaging System Utilizing a Single Liquid Crystal Phase Retarder, Nature Scientific Reports 6:23524 (2016). DOI: 10.1038/srep23524.

Marwan Abuleil and Ibrahim Abdulhalim, Narrowband multispectral liquid crystal tunable filter, Opt. Lett. 51, 1957-60 (2016).

Michael Ney, Avner Safrani, Ibrahim Abdulhalim, Instantaneous high-resolution focus tracking and a vibrometery system using parallel phase shift interferometry, J. Opt. A (Letters) 18, 09LT05 (5pp) (2016). Selected as the paper of the week by the editor!

Anran Li, Sachin Srivastava, Ibrahim Abdulhalim, Shuzhou Li, Engineering the Hot Spots in Squared Arrays of Gold Nanoparticles on a Silver Film, Nanoscale 8, 15658-664 (2016).

Yujie Ke, Igal Balin, Ning Wang, Qi Lu, Alfred Tok Iing Yoong, Timothy J. White, Shlomo Magdassi, Ibrahim Abdulhalim and Yi Long, Two-Dimensional SiO2/VO2 Photonic Crystals with Statically Visible and Dynamically Infrared Modulated for Smart Window Deployment, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8, 33112-20, (2016). DOI: 10.1021/acsami.6b12175

Sachin K. Srivastava, Anran Li, Shuzhou Li, Ibrahim Abdulhalim, Optimal Interparticle Gap for Ultra-high Field Enhancement by LSP Excitation via ESPs and Confirmation using SERS, J. Phys. Chem. C 120, 28735-42 (2016). DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.6b08276

Nina Sheremet, Lewis Sharpnack, Miri G. Kerzhner, Ashok Chaudhary, T. Arun Kumar, M. Kelbanov, I. Abdulhalim, Satyendra Kumar, and Yu Reznikov, Investigations of Liquid Crystals Photoalignment using Arsenic tri-Sulfide Thin Glass Films, J. Phys. D 50, 065306-8pp (2017).

Michael Ney, Avner Safrani, Ibrahim Abdulhalim, Three wavelengths parallel phase-shift interferometry for real-time focus tracking and vibration measurement, Optics Letter 42, 719-22 (2017).

Ashok Chaudhary, Matoi Klebanov and Ibrahim Abdulhalim, Liquid crystals alignment with PbS nanosculptured thin films, Liq. Cryst., February 2017, DOI:10.1080/02678292.2017.1290286 Link

Sachin K. Srivastava, Christoph Gruner, Dietmar Hirsch, Bernd Rauschenbach, Ibrahim Abdulhalim, Enhanced intrinsic fluorescence from carboxidized nano-sculptured thin films of silver and their application for label free dual detection of glycated hemoglobin, Optics Express 25, 4761-72 (2017). Link

Mohammad Abutoama and Ibrahim Abdulhalim, Angular and Intensity modes self-referenced refractive index sensor based on thin dielectric grating combined with thin metal film, IEEE J. Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 23, 4600309 (2017). Link

Ibrahim Watad and I. Abdulhalim, Spectropolarimetric Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor and the Selection of the Best Polarimetric Function, IEEE J. Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 23, 4600609 (2017). Link

Andrey Nazarov, Ibrahim Abdulhalim, Universal form of the equations governing membrane deformation under hydrostatic pressure for simpler design of sensors and tunable optical devices, Sens.Actu. A: Physical 257, 113-117 (2017).

Andrey Nazarov, Boris Knyazer, Tova Lifshitz, Mark Schvartzman, Ibrahim Abdulhalim, Assessment of intraocular pressure sensing using an implanted reflective flexible membrane, J. Biomed. Opt., 22(4), 047001 (2017), doi: 10.1117/1.JBO.22.4.047001.

Lewis Sharpnack, Miri G. Kerzhner, Deña M. Agra-Kooijman, Ashok Chaudhary, T. Arun Kumar, M. Kelbanov, N. Sheremt, Yu Reznikov, I. Abdulhalim, and Satyendra Kumar, Morphological Anisotropy of Nano-Dimensional Arsenic triSulfide Glass Films and Liquid Crystal Photoalignment, Molec.Crys.Liq.Crys., 147, 1-13 (2017). Link

N. Shukron, A. Solodar. A. Aizen, I. August. I. Klapp. Y. Yitzhaky, I. Abdulhalim, Optimized depth of field methodology using annular liquid crystal modulator assisted by image processing, Appl. Opt. 56, 3764-72 (2017).

I. Watad and I. Abdulhalim, Comparative study between polarimetric and intensity based surface plasmon resonance sensors in the spectral mode, Appl. Opt., 56, 7549-58, (2017).

Ausra Cerkauskaite, Rokas Drevinskas, Asi Solodar, Ibrahim Abdulhalim, and Peter G. Kazansky, Form-birefringence in ITO thin films engineered by ultrafast laser nanostructuring, ACS Photonics, 4, 2944-51 (2017). DOI: 10.1021/acsphotonics.7b01082

Mohammad Abutoama, Shuzhou Li and Ibrahim Abdulhalim, Widening the spectral range of ultrahigh field enhancement by efficient coupling of localized to extended plasmons and cavity resonances in grating geometry, J. Phys. Chem. C, 121, 27612-23 (2017).

A. Solodar, A. Cerkauskaite, R. Drevinskas, P. G. Kazansky and I. Abdulhalim, Ultrafast Laser Nanostructured ITO Acts as Liquid Crystal Alignment Layer and Higher Transparency Electrode, In process.

Asi Solodar, Ghadah AlZaidy, Chung-Che Huang, Daniel W. Hewak, Ibrahim Abdulhalim, Transition Metal Chalcogenide Tin Sulfide Nanodimensional Films Align Liquid Crystals, in process.

Amir Aizen, Michael Ney, Avner Safrani and Ibrahim Abdulhalim, A compact real-time high-speed high-resolution vibrometer, surface profiler and dynamic focus tracker using three wavelengths parallel phase-shift interferometry, In process.

Avigail-Elah Baruch, Sivan Isaacs, Sachin K. Srivastava, Christoph Grüner, Bernd Rauschenbach, Ibrahim Abdulhalim, Ariel Kushmaro, Hannah Rapaport, Quantitative assessment of Paraoxon adsorption to β-sheet peptides presenting esterase's catalytic triad, in process.