Shlomo Sasson is a Professor of Pharmacology at the Faculty of Medicine, Hebrew University of Jerusalem School of Pharmacy (since 1985), and the incumbent of the Adolf D. and Horty Storch Chair in Pharmaceutical Sciences. He served as a visiting scientist and visiting professor at the University of Rochester in New York, University of California San Francisco, The German Diabetes Centre in Dusseldorf, University of the Sacred Heart in Rome, Sick Children Hospital in Toronto and others. He also served as the Israel Ministry of Science-appointed delegate to various EU-sponsored COST (Cooperation for Research and Technology) Actions, and on national and international review committees on academic accreditation matters, pharmacology, metabolism and diabetes research.  

Sasson published over 130 research articles and reviews, and has several patents on novel compounds with potential antidiabetic effects. He has trained over 50 Ph.D and M.Sc. students. Sasson was frequently voted as excellent lecturer in pharmacology.  

Throughout his tenure at the Faculty of Medicine of the Hebrew University he served as the Chair of the Committee for Advanced Studies (2002-2004), Chair of the Teaching committee of the School of Pharmacy (1991-1995) and the School of Medicine (2003-2011) and Vice Dean for Research (2014-2018). He was elected to the Hebrew University Senate (2016-2018) and the Executive Committee of the Hebrew University (2017-2018).

Prof. Sasson is the Director/CEO of SHARE (Singapore Hebrew University Alliance Research and Enterprise), since 2019.